OffrBox Case Study

As a technology startup entering the competitive real estate tech sector, wanted to make a big splash and launch their product with a strong brand aesthetic that would make it look and feel like an established company.

OffrBox’s leadership team knows that today’s investors need more control, deeper data, and added property information in order to make a smart investment decision. Their property sellers and buyers also wanted more direct interaction during the transaction process.

The iLaunchLabs team was able to deliver the necessary ingredients to ensure that the client’s goals were met. We created a logo, style, and brand campaign that supported their cutting edge technology, and designed and developed an exquisite responsive web app that enabled them to grow very quickly. To achieve this feat, we designed a website and user experience that digitized the entire real estate process from purchase offer to closing. Additionally, we designed a frontend interface that allows users to negotiate offers directly, while also giving OffrBox’s management team full backend reporting insight about user engagement and the status of each transaction.

All we can say about this project is that it’s fun to see a product that improves the way an entire industry works, and the iLaunchLabs team is proud to be the resource called on to design and build it.

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