BagChecks Case Study

As a technology startup entering a competitive travel tech sector,  BagChecks wanted to make a big splash and launch their product with a a strong brand aesthetic that would make it look and feel like an established company. Their executive team was also new to the tech space and had limited domain expertise with logistics, so there was a big educational component necessary to bring them up to speed on how best to navigate the unknown path forward. 

The iLaunchLabs team was able to deliver the necessary ingredients to ensure their goals were met, and we continue to provide them with ongoing advisory and strategy support. Additionally, we created a logo, style, and brand campaign that told their story, and designed and developed an exquisite responsive web app that enabled them to attract customers from day one. With the initial launch completed, the iLaunchLabs team is already working on tools for growth hacking and customer retention, including google analytics, ad campaigns, influencer engagement, and funnel optimization. Always be closing!

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