Dyckman Basketball League
Case Study

Founded in 1990 and located in New York City, the Dyckman Basketball League is one of the most well known pro-am streetball tournaments in the country. For nearly 30 years, the organization has focused on putting on amazing basketball events but their recipe for success hadn’t fully evolved in include a modernize digital experience to support the league. The organization’s website was out-of-date and not very user friendly, and they lacked a style guide and brand identity that they could use to further grow the Dyckman name.

The iLaunchLabs team was able to deliver the necessary ingredients to ensure that this concern was alleviated. We completed a thorough assessment of their pre-existing site and it’s issues, then created a style guide and brand image that matched their logo and reputation. This initial design work laid the framework for our redesign and development of a responsive web app that could support their programmatic and e-commerce needs, and do a better job of telling the Dyckman story.

The client especially loved the company motto we created for them “Dyckman Basketball. Building Life Skills Through Athletic Experiences”.

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