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Amita Naithani Case Study

Fast growth companies like fashion brand Amita Naithani often share the problem of not having the right personnel to keep of with the changing demands caused by company growth. In this case, the client needed a was to manage a full suite of digital services without hiring an entire marketing department.

The needs included completing build out and routine refreshes of the Shopify E-commerce site, and well as overall technical management and maintenance of the site. iLaunchLabs has been able to play the role of the entire operations and marketing team, handling duties ranging from inventory management, content writing, email campaign and social media management, public relations and advertising, google analytics integration and reporting, and even influencer procurement.  

Our customized solution covers all of the clients needs and allows the owner to focus on her amazing areas of expertise – clothing design and business development.

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Inventory Management​

Content Writing​

Press Kit & Public Relations​

Influencer Management

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